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"What is UNO?"

3rd Year Anniversary Poster
UNO was formed in 2007 and is still going strong. In fact, our 3rd year anniversary last May 8 was at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City. Imagine how many members filled the entire venue.

UNO is a Network Marketing company that has an impressive line of Health and Beauty products. We have over 100,000 business partners in the Philippines and other countries including the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and ANYWHERE there are Filipinos.

Unlike most marketing companies, working with UNO is flexible and can be done from any part of the globe. With the advent of Internet social media and online marketing, UNO is even more accessible than ever. No more burning phone lines or sending letters by post to reach your prospective clientele. Through the World Wide Web, UNO's capability to bring financial success to global Pinoys has never been a more driving force. At this point, UNO is now leveraging the power of the internet in a way that no network marketing company has ever done before.

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