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How It Works

Your VISA debit card
Are you waiting for the catch?
Or a "membership fee" for you to get started?
Are you expecting a faked "discounted" joining fee for you to take the chance to join right away?
Well, let me break it down for you: THERE IS NONE! That's right, you don't have to pay a mysterious fee to get started on the UNO venture.
It's really all too simple:
1.    Select and purchase one of our product packages.
2.    After this, further instructions will be emailed to you.
3.    Once you receive the email instructions, your SALES KIT, YOUR ONLINE PORTFOLIO DETAILS, AND YOUR VISA DEBIT CARD will be sent to you as soon as you're on board! (Your VISA debit card can be used just like a credit card. The debit card will be linked to your online account, and with just a single click, the funds in your account will be transferred to your debit card for your use. Its that easy!)

    It is important to know by heart that there are several ways to earn in your business, and this is the best part! The "Ways To Earn" page shows more.

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