Uno Corp International - The Online Business for Global Pinoys

Why UNO?

The truth is, there are a lot of other ways to start an online business. There are lots of other similar companies that tout their way of earning big. But UNO wins over them all hands-down, because YOU CAN MAKE MONEY BOTH ONLINE AND OFFLINE.

What does that mean? That means that you will not be limited to marketing and growing your business online. You can tap your peers, neighbors, and even family members in your local area and abroad. That means that if you are working abroad to help send money to your loved ones back home, you can also join for your them to make money, and grow this business abroad so they DON'T have to do any work!

It's the PERFECT way to not only make money for yourself, but also for family members who may be unemployed or unable to work back in the Philippines. WHY NOT DO THIS FOR THEM? They deserve this opportunity as much as you do. In fact, both you and they can do this business, so your combined efforts will help you build an even higher income.  Another way you can help them is by signing them up for this, so once your business takes off, they will be the ones claiming the checks!  How's that for love for country?

                                                                                                                                   Meet William Chavez,
                                                                                                          one of UNO's successful distributors:

If you are:
- a regular guy or gal looking for a way to earn money and do it online
- a student looking to earn some cash to support your studies
- an experienced marketer with years under your belt
- a family man who wants to buy that brand new car or house for your family
- a wife or mother looking to contribute to the family income
- … or ANYONE who just wants to IMPROVE the QUALITY of your LIFE...
… then UNO is the place to be. While most of our members originate from the the Philippines, as long as you are interested in reaching your dream, UNO can help bring your DREAMS to REALITY.